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Percan Golden Homes Inc. goes beyond blueprints, infusing passion into every design. Our architects craft spaces that tell your unique story with artistry and practicality.Â

At Percan Golden Homes Inc., our commitment to excellence is reflected in our core services:

Custom Home Design and Build:

We specialize in turning your vision of a dream home into a bespoke reality, meticulously crafted to suit your lifestyle.

Residential and Commercial Building Renovation:

Transforming spaces with precision and innovation, whether it's your cherished home or a commercial property seeking a new identity.

Home Renovations

Elevating the character of your living spaces, one detail at a time, to create homes that resonate with comfort and style.

Bathroom Renovation:

Creating luxurious retreats where style meets functionality, providing a rejuvenating escape within your own home.

Home Additions:

Seamlessly integrating additional space into your existing structure, ensuring harmony and continuity in design.

Condo Renovation:

Tailoring condo living to your tastes, with renovations that maximize space and reflect your unique personality.

Kitchen Renovation:

Redefining the heart of your home with cutting-edge designs and functional elegance.

Basement Finishing:

Unleashing the potential of your basement, transforming it into a functional and inviting part of your living space.

Service Area

Percan Golden Homes Inc. proudly extends its expert Custom Home Builder and renovation services across a broad spectrum, catering to the diverse needs of the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and beyond. Our dedicated service areas include:

GTA (Greater Toronto Area)

From the heart of the city to its outskirts, we bring our expertise to every corner of the GTA.

Richmond Hill

Crafting exceptional homes and renovations in this thriving community


Merging modernity with tradition in one of Ontario's fastest-growing cities.

York Region

Enhancing living spaces throughout this expansive and dynamic region.


Weaving architectural dreams into the fabric of the vibrant cityscape


Elevating residential and commercial spaces in this bustling suburban hub


Bringing luxury and sophistication to the homes in this picturesque lakeside town


reating distinctive homes in this historic yet evolving community


Blending elegance and functionality in this charming town.


Transforming living spaces in this community that balances urban amenities with a small-town feel.

North York

Contributing to the architectural diversity of this vibrant and diverse part of Toronto


Building and renovating homes in one of the fastest-growing cities in Canada


Infusing our projects with innovation in this city known for its forward-thinking approach

Bradford West Gwillimbury

Contributing to the growth and development of this welcoming community


Crafting homes that harmonize with the natural beauty of this lakeside town


Transforming living spaces in this city known for its scenic waterfront and vibrant community.


Adding our touch to the rich tapestry of this historic city


Enhancing homes in this diverse and growing community


Bringing architectural innovation to the charming landscapes of Orillia


Contributing to the evolving skyline of this waterfront city


Infusing homes with style and functionality in this picturesque city


Building and renovating homes in this city with a perfect blend of urban and natural landscapes

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